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Welcome to Govt. Degree College Swar

If you think of planning for one year just plant grain if for ten years plant trees and if your plan’s span goes round a hundred years, you must plant ‘men’. The aim and the real message behind this age-old proverb can be achieved only through ‘education’.

Higher education, for that purpose proves to be more valuable as it reopens diverse, channels to different dimensions of various types of ideas, innovations and research. The establishment of modern government degree college, Raza Nagar can well be said to be a concrete form of fruitful efforts in the pursuit of equality and adequate expansion of higher education strictly in accordance with global development. The educated youth of today is the nation builder of tomorrow. This college, therefore, is determined to impart ample conducive opportunities to those saplings belongings, especially to rural and remote area to grow to their fullest bloom, thereby bearing the fruit of all round development. They can, this way, be brought to the front line of nation builders with the feelings of self efficacy and self esteem.

The real aim of this college, therefore not to produce frustrated degree holders, but to establish itself a factory of creating citizens loaded fully with knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and arduous character. They have to sustain competency to lead a quality life capable of brushing aside all the adversaries of their lives thereby providing their best in nation building. Lastly it is my appeal to all the members of staff both teaching and non-teaching and of course to the students of the college, to convert this village Razanagar , into a place symbolic of excellence in every field so that it might set an example and become a permanent source of inspiration for all its sister concerns. I wish this college to become a hub of vibrant nation builder.

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Dr.Mehboob Ali Gauri Principal

Glance at GDC Swar